Road to Guadalupe

We are only three or four days away, depending on how we look at it, from the Monastery and Puebla de Guadalupe. A road full of history, villages and nature to end up in one of the most important pilgrimage centers in Spain.

The Camino de los Visigodos is the name given to this pilgrimage route that starts at the Autovía de la Plata.



Camino a Guadalpe
70 Kms.
tres jornadas
muy recomendable en primavera

It isa path that takes you along the heights of the Vegas del Guadiana to the Sierras de las Villuercas. In the first section we will only have to walk a little on plains to climb the small step to Zorita, then between pastures we will reach Logrosán. It is very flat, passing through holm oaks and cereal fields. Cattle breeding and

mainly sheep will be very present. Special attention to the birds, it is the stretch with the greatest possibility of sightings.

From Cañamero to Guadalupe is a little downhill and uphill… we stay at the gates of the Sierras, at the mouth of the gorge of the Ruecas River. From here we can continue along the route of Isabel la Católica or the Camino Natural de las Villuercas.