Mozarabic Way to Santiago

We propose you to follow the Mozarabic Way of St. James, one of those pilgrimage routes that in the Middle Ages Christian pilgrims living in the Muslim area (in Al-Andalus) used to go to Santiago de Compostela.

Because one of these roads passes right through the town of Abertura, thus consolidating this town as a place both as a starting point and as a passage of the Mozarabic Way, which has more and more followers. Take advantage of the Cañada Real Leonesa to cross our town.



Camino Mozárabe a Santiago
Siguiente Etapa 14 Kms
600 Kms a Santiago
Gran Recorrido
PR-CC 239 a Santa Cruz

Throughout the entire itinerary we enjoy the beautiful scenery offered by the Sierra de Santa Cruz, which rises with supreme elegance in the plain.

On both sides of the road we will find extensive cattle farms where it will be easy to identify a good number of birds.

On the outskirts of Abertura, we will pass by an old watering place of the Cañada Real Leonesa, which has been aptly converted into a recreational area.

Doing the Camino is linked to a past of pilgrimage that Abertura boasts, and currently tries to facilitate the stay of pilgrims by providing rooms in the Parish House. In the absence of shelter, we may well find shelter under the umbrella of the Church.

Although traditionally this Way has had clear religious connotations, nowadays there are others of a different and varied nature: spiritual motivations, although not necessarily religious, cultural, leisure, new experiences, and a long etcetera. But in any case, the Parish House will be open to welcome pilgrims who cross these lands.

This town is also welcoming insofar as it offers catering services and grocery stores, bars where you can stop along the way and the hospitality that is enjoyed in any municipality near Pilgrimage Routes.

And how could it be otherwise, in the parish church of San Juan there is a carving of St. James the Apostle, being also this Pilgrim Saint the patron saint of the municipality.

Every July 25, Abertura celebrates the patronage of St. James, thus representing a religious landmark of the first order in the Pilgrimage Route, providing another example of this religious figure to this itinerary, as do other churches along this ancient route.

This route of the Mozarabic Way through Abertura towards Trujillo connects directly with the Pilgrimage Routes to Guadalupe, where pilgrims traditionally went to venerate the Virgin of Guadalupe. the MorenitaIt is not in vain that the Virgin of Guadalupe has an enormous weight in the devotion it arouses in pilgrims of all walks of life as the Black Virgin to whom the greatest miraculous power is attributed.

The passage of this route through the Cañada Real, surrounded by pastures, bordering the Sacred Mountain of Santa Cruz and continuing through emblematic areas such as Trujillo or the National Park of Monfragüe, make this route an interesting choice.

So, traveler friend, if you want to live a unique experience that you will remember all your life, be a pilgrim, live the Camino and enjoy the rich cultural and gastronomic heritage that this welcoming town offers you.