a magical place

the step

Abertura is located in a natural pass, along a gap in the Sierra de Santa Cruz, which separates the valleys of the Tajo and Guadiana rivers, between Trujillo and Mérida. A transit route for many animals, migratory birds that come and go with the seasons, like the men who have brought the times.


On the axis of Extremadura

Cañada Real Leonesa, Mozarabic Road to Santiago, Visigothic Road to Guadalupe, Roman Itineraries… among others. You can also enjoy other walks in the surroundings.

the territory

The Cañada Real is a funnel of times and people who have left a very visible trace.

Disappeared populations, such as the one investigated in the Dehesa del Noque, where remains of an ancient Citania, or fortified city on a small elevation, were found.

World Heritage

It is the last geological and cultural step between Cáceres and Badajoz, a mixture of a little bit of everything, which provides an unusual biodiversity.

Dehesas de Toros Bravos and cereal fields share the spaces.

In some places, the slate juts out like saw teeth, creating visually attractive ridges.

The charm of the rural

The Cañada Real Leonesa crosses the town from north to south. Along it we will see many houses that retain the seal of authenticity, a traditional style of stone and mud that takes us back centuries.

Inthe middle we find the square, where some of the main houses are located, such as the Town Hall.

Cave altars

Proud of their land, their people, their way of life and their traditions. In their habits are enclosed cultural archetypes reflecting remote ancestors, and others not so much.