A Charming Town

The houses in Abertura are surprising for the curious shapes they adopt. Perhaps they are the ones with the most original architecture of the whole region, with forms that in other places are the exception.

The facades stand out, with a small canopy at the entrance that makes them very attractive.


There arestill some houses in this town with the characteristic front doors with a pediment or small roof supported on corbels and pilasters, flanking the entrance.

This is a frequent feature of the domestic architecture of some villages in Extremadura, although with a clear tendency to disappear, replaced by linteled doors. Inside, there are enormous vestibules and large halls, with stone arches and corner pieces also made of carved granite stone. The roofs with their curved vaults of different shapes, finished in arches, some with granite stones and others elaborated with lime, sand and brick.

Very characteristic those of the wooden beams with the planks or those of sticks with the reeds on top