El Paso

Abertura is located in a natural pass, along a gap in the Sierra de Santa Cruz, which separates the valleys of the Tajo and Guadiana rivers, between Trujillo and Mérida.

A transit route for many animals, migratory birds that come and go with the seasons, like the men who have brought the times.


Perhapsthe name of the village comes from there, because between the Sierras de Santa Cruz and the Lagares de Herguijuela there is a hill formed by the capricious course of the Búrdalo River.

It is of easy passage, without the need of any port, it transposes from the Vegas del Guadiana to the slope of the Tagus without more than a slight slope. This road, today the Cañada Real Leonesa, has been from time immemorial a place of passage of transhumant animals, migratory birds and all cultures of the times and men.

In addition to this circumstance, the Abertura is located on another convenient east-west axis used by other walking routes such as the Caminos de Guadalupe.