Alto de San Gregorio

Traditionally, San Gregorio was carried and placed on a stone-altar to bless the fields.

Today, it is also a birdwatching spot, and there is a birdhouse installed nearby.

The panoramic views are very beautiful and changing, as the seasons mark the color and the horizon.


OnSt. Gregory’s Day there was a great feast. Among other acts, the saint was carried in procession to the Alto de la Cuesta.

There he was installed on a stone that served as an altar and was placed facing the four winds to bless the fields.

A few years ago the municipal water reservoir was built and the stone was moved.

A wooden bird watching hut and some benches and interpretive signs have been installed to condition the area. It is another of the recommended walks on a calm day.

From the top you can see a good part of the Vegas Altas, from Medellín to the Sierras de Pela.