Hermitage of Santa Ana

It is a reference in the local culture. Very old, with large buttresses, a magnificent porch and a granite semicircular doorway. The construction is very old, with high quality stonework and finish.

Santa Ana is the patron saint of the town and it shows, the interior is very well cared for. The original image, from the 15th century, can be seen in the church, here remains a recent copy.

A pilgrimage is held here. July 26th


It is built with thick granite ashlars regularly carved. This gives it a strong, solid appearance to support heavy weights and strong attacks.

For this reason and for other details such as the small windows, the worship … for most people it is Romanesque, from the time of the church of St. John.

The environment is very well cared for, as there are many locals who come for a sweet walk. The entire route is conditioned, even for access by car.