Venero Washing Places

The place is incredible. A dreamlike setting in which no detail is missing: an ancestral dam, the mill, dozens of piles grouped around two wells…

A space that will leave us captivated by the life and nature of Abertura.

The tip of the iceberg of a textile industry developed in the 19th century.


ElVenero gathers around several wells and springs a complex of structures that are rare in our surroundings. Groundwater is abundant throughout the term, but here it is very special.

Two wells and a destroyed dam are the large cisterns that will allow the use of this important element for various works.

The large number of piles clustered around the wells is several dozen. The variety of them is total, having models for all tastes, for one or more people, for different fabrics, clothes … and is that in Abertura there was a great dedication to the looms, there were more than sixty who worked from April to July especially.

They worked with flax, which they hoed, raked, spun, wove and dressed… practically all the women worked in this industry.