The Quarry

When you pass by the road next to it, it attracts your attention powerfully, but when you get closer to the intrahistory of this place, you feel like coming back again and again.

seldom do we have the opportunity to see an open pit mine. The precious booty was a hard slate stone, very hard, perfect for construction.


The last use of the quarry was during the construction of the colonization settlements of the Badajoz Plan. Stone was hauled for some of the nearby towns such as Pizarro or Carlos V.

There are remains of support constructions for the extraction at that time, but there are also much older ones.

Some people think that it may have been used as a gravel stone in the construction of the Roman road from Mérida to Toledo, which is the current road from Miajadas to Zorita.

This place is a geology lesson in a living space, an opportunity to get closer to the most intimate secrets of the formation of the earth.

It is also ideal for the sighting of numerous birds that nest on the ledges or hollows that the steep slope of the quarry allows. There are times when they are counted in the hundreds, or thousands….