Roman Tombstone

There are more than thirty stones with Roman inscriptions in the municipality of Abertura. This clearly shows the degree of civilization that existed in the area at that time.

This one, in particular, was published in 1907 by Mario Roso de Luna, at the beginning of the modern research carried out in Extremadura.

It has the following inscription: Sailgius / Tangini – f(ilius) – / h(ic) – s(itus) – e(st) – s(it) – t(ibi) – t(erra) – l(evis)- / Meiduenus / Andami – f(ilius) / d(e) – s(uo) – f(aciendum) – c(uravit)

The transcription would read: Sailguius / son of Tangino / This place is for you, be the earth mild / his sons Meiduenus Adami tried to do it