San Juan Bautista Church

In the end it has been a charming church with an original medieval stamp. With a mixture of styles in the main door that begins in the Romanesque and ends with the most primitive Gothic, a style that continues in the interior.

Cistercian, altomedieval. Like almost all the churches, the church was remodeled in the sixteenth century and even suffered a fire in the Civil War.

San Juan and Santa Ana are the main sculptures. In general, the temple is a curious mixture of styles, times, good intentions and recompositions…


Formany people, this church sits on top of a Roman basilica, transformed by the early Christians. Its main façade is spectacular, both in form and decoration. On the side there is another door, also very interesting of gothic style with floral drawings sgraffitoed on its upper part.

The interior is not very transformed, it preserves well defined spaces: three sections and the apse with its ribbed vault.

There are inscriptions everywhere that tell the history of each of the elements that make up the temple: on the tower, on the baptismal font, on some altarpieces, on the tombs on the floor…

It is tastefully designed in the neo-Gothic Cistercian style.